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The usual breakdown

Hullo! Just thought I'd drop a note to introduce myself and all that. I'm Ceri/Cerena, also known as Kenzie. My favourite authors are Diane Duane, Phillip Pullman, and Mercedes Lackey. I prefer writing short stories, longer fiction and poetry, though the occasional song slips itself in every once in a while. Current writing project is Oversubscribed, a spinoff of my memoirs. Current writing distractions: two fanfictions, one sitting idle on fanfiction.net for a while, based on the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, and the other still floating around in my mind, based on Harry Potter. Examples of my writing are (here) for anyone who might be bored or interested.

Here's my brief snatch for the day--

"If it hurts you," she murmured, cupping his chin like the dog's master, "Then don't let it go."
She sauntered off, her hips swaying to a memory, her hair the last to vanish, giving one final snide salute to the crushed and broken body she left behind her perfect stillettos.
"But I already have," He rasped as the last breath rattled from his throat. "I am already here."

Dunno who these people are, but I heard them talking in my head. I was in a fierce mood.
Anyone, feel free to IM me if you like, on 'cerenacat'.

<3 - Ceri
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