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Writer's block was made by me, Crystal, on September 15, 2001. The idea came to me while I was supposed to be studing for a geography test. ^^;

That same night, I asked Uko-chan if she would join the blog with me. And she said yes. So, Writer's Block turned into a group blog. ^_^

The whole point of the site is for the bloggers to keep everyone updated with what's going on with their stories. Maybe even a few tips on how to beat Writer's Block might come up here. Basically, it's a blog for people to have fun.

The Authors

Name: Crystal
D.O.B: May 1st, 1987
LJ: Crystal's Journal
Collective: High Density (I'm working on it...)
Writing site: None yet
Favourite book: Harry Potter (series) and Speak
Favourite author: Laurie Anderson
Enjoys: Writing, web designing, reading, drawing, and chatting.

I am the brillant mind who though of this blog. ^_^ Being a person who always has writer's block, I thought I would join all my friends who have it too. @_@ I love to write, and I really really want to become an author when I grow up.

Name: Uko
D.O.B: 30th December 1986
LJ: Uko's Journal
Collective: a.s.c.e.n.d
Writing sites: Lupus Falls, Rainhill
Favourite book: Watership Down, Goodnight Mister Tom, Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings, Good Omens
Favourite author: J.K.Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett
Enjoys: Reading, writing, art, music, obsessing

Hullo, I'm Uko, the resident Yorkshire Pudding. I'm 15, I'm female, and live in Barnsley, England where I sit in front of the computer because I hate anyone of my age group who is not seperated from me via monitor. I usually need to be writing something or I get stressed and bored, and when I am writing things I often get stressed and bored too due to an attention span of a goldfish. I have however managed to finish three long Pokemon novels which are all available on Lupes Falls and some short stories too, so go me!

Name: Annarti
D.O.B: August 17th, 1985
LJ: tpyo
Domain: bloogum
Writing sites: kawa~, Day's End (Pokémon author help site)
Favourite books: Chocolat, Blackberry Wine, pretty much every book I've read, actually.
Favourite authors: Tamora Pierce, Joanne Harris
Enjoys: Writing, drawing, making web sites, animé, chatting, surfing the web, reading

Hi~ I'm 'narti and I love writing =D; Erm, yeah, everything I've written is on kawa~ and there is one helluva lotta words there X) Anyway, I'm the Aussie of this iccle group of authors and I have a particular affection for writing stuff about magic and swords, so expect much of that ^^

Name: Silver
D.O.B: September 17th, 1989
LJ: The Journal of the Silver
Collective: Nameless
Writing sites: Differences, Folded Wings
Favourite book: Too many... ^^;;
Favourite author: Diane Duane, JK Rowling, and JRR Tolkien. ^^
Enjoys: Writing, drawing, reading, anime, surfing the web...

Okay, um... yeah. I'm the weird one. Hi.

Uh, lessee... Silver is an immense fan of Diane Duane (*points at Book of Night With Moon and To Visit the Queen* WIZARD KITTIES! XDDD;;;), considers herself to be a semi-decent writer, and... uh-huh. Very interesting, ne? *is thwapped*

Name: Jishii
D.O.B: March, 27th, 1990
LJ: Magical Theory
Collective: Avada Kadavra
Writing site: None yet!
Favourite book: I simply LOVE the Harry Potter series!
Favourite author: J.K.Rowling, J.R.R.Tolkien, Meg Cabot..
Enjoys: Drawing, reading, writing, wildlife, surfing the web and chatting with all my net buddies!

To beat Writer's Block, go for a walk, have a nap, have a bath, go to your freind's house, chat on your phone, just do something you enjoy, and then get back to writing your story!! That's what I do!

Name: Sallie
D.O.B: 22nd October 1984
LJ: Dildofish
Writing sites: Genesis (fanfic site) and Flower of Death (not technically online anymore tho)
Favourite book: Lord of the Rings (trilogy) and The Hobbit
Favourite author: Janet Evanovich, JRR Tolkien and Piers Anthony.
Enjoys: Writing, doodling, dramatics, making bad sites, being insane...

I snuck into Writer's Block under cover of darkness and haven't been kicked out yet, which is kinda nice ^_^ I love writing with a passion and (although my main ambition is to be an actress) I hope to get one of my orginal stories published in the not too distant future. Hey, I can dream.