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Preférence for Prose

One stared at Two with quiet faith
As Two began to fade
But in his dying comes repose
As Other’s fervor forward flows
And Dawning sun comes to a close
To offer up a trade.

He murmurs soft the words to give
The gift of life regained
To wingtips bent and broken back
To once-blue eyes now dead and black
To lips of ice the warmth they lack
From One’s pure love unfeigned.

But now Two opens up his eyes
To glisten with a glance
He sees the lover never doubt
The truth that comes true roundabout
And turns to take the newfound route
Toward loving’s wide expanse.

And Two stands up to take his friend
Into a warm embrace
Forgetting cruel words of those
Who’s ignorance One often knows,
And common preférence for prose
To find his heart’s own place.

~ MKD 12.15.03

I needed to play with a new meter/rhyme scheme structure. I've been falling lazily into free verse, and it was time I woke up. I found this in my room today when I was cleaning. I just approximated a date. ^_^ It's about Phaeton and Icarus as they appear in their spinoff comic, but it really applies to other things as well.
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